Junior classes teach advanced concepts of Tae kwon do, as well as safety and self-defense training. Every classes is taught personally by Grand Master Im. Children benefit both physically and mentally from the training of Taekwondo, all in a safe and fun environment.


Physically, Tae kwon do promotes strong muscles, improved cardiovascular functioning, increased flexibility and improved coordination. These skills, often attained quickly in children, inspire confidence in the young students. With increased self-confidence and self-esteem, children's attitudes change for the better, and their self-discipline improves, both at home and school.


Our programs are designed to develop and strengthen students by building character, confidence, and self-control. The desire to learn increases, as does motivation and effort. When students discover leadership ability, through the continued practice of Taekwondo, s/he will have a positive mental attitude and a “Yes I Can” winning habit that will follow her/him through life.