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Our children's classes are intended to introduce young children to basic concepts of Tae kwon do in preparation for promotion to regular junior classes. In addition to rudimentary physical exercise and self-defense, the kid's curriculum focuses on enhancing social skills, attention span, concentration, self-discipline, self-awareness, balance, and coordination. Children are instructed in stranger safety and basic emergency preparedness.


Grandmaster Im teaches children basic self-defense, blocks, punches, and kicks while emphasizing a healthy attitude versus absolute precision. The classes help kids to improve their focus and concentration all while developing self-control through fun and organized activities that are developmentally correct.


We believe your child's development is very important. Let us help enhance your child's mental and physical development in a fun, positive, and motivating way. Enroll your child today and help prepare them for life! Class sizes are limited; call now to reserve your child's space!

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