To: Parents and prospective students

From: Theodore Fisch, parent of black belt student of Grandmaster Im

First, Grand Master Young Ju Im’s credentials are impeccable and his Tae Know Do Academy is the best school for kids and adults in northern VA! For parents like me whose kids attend schools in South Riding (Chantilly), Stone Ridge, Aldie, Brambleton and Ashburn areas Grand Master Im’s Academy is your best choice for your kids because Grandmaster Im and Mrs. Im are exceptional leaders and are truly dedicated and care about developing and enhancing each of your kid’s mental and physical confidence, self-defense skills, quality of life and your son and daughter character. Most importantly, Grandmaster Im’s Tae Kwon Do philosophy teaches your kids skills and develops their positive mental attitude, character, respect for parent & teachers, teaches your kids not to cave into peer pressure and confidence to defend against school or out of school bullies (as a kid or adult). These and much more are major benefits of enrolling with Grandmaster and Mrs. IM’s Academy and the reasons why my son is there and continues to thrive. He is hoping to attend the Naval Academy and the skills and values Grandmaster IM instills will be a positive benefit.

Second, as a parent of a black belt student I’m incredibly happy with the training and individual attention, detail and care Grandmaster IM and Mrs. IM show my son and their other students. As a former USG Special Agent with over 20 years for and with US State Dept, Defense Department, US Secret Service et al., protecting leaders including the President, Secretary of State, foreign leaders, and internationally protected persons (Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Royal British families et al), in my humble personal opinion, I’m confident that Grandmaster IM and Mrs. IM truly care, nurture, inspire, motivate, equip and lead our children to grow, develop and become highly respectful, confident and well-rounded kids. The skills my son and your kids can learn will be with them as they grow up and confront situations that may be challenging.

Lastly, Grandmaster IM’s credentials are truly outstanding. He is a 9th degree black belt, former Korean Secret Service Special Agent, former six times Korean National Champion and former 2000 Olympic Tae Kwon Do coach) plus he has over 35 years of teaching children and adults. Because of his credentials, our nation’s most elite local law enforcement agencies, Los Angeles Police Dept (LAPD) and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office (LASO) recruited him to teach and train their officers including elite SWAT teams.

Finally, for parents of elementary and middle school kids, I highly recommend that you consider joining Grandmaster and Mrs. IM’s Academy especially for afterschool because your kids will learn live long skills and build their character and the price to start is very reasonable. When your kids grow up they will thank you and appreciate what you did for them.

Sincerely,  very respectfully, Ted Fisch

"It is a great honor to be taught by Grand Master Im. His extensive knowledge, experience and expertise are a value-added wealth of information to pass along to his students of all ages.  He not only teaches us forms, self-defense and sparring techniques, but provides us with the history and philosophy of Taekwondo and explanation of techniques.  Through these Taekwondo lessons, I not only get a good work-out training my body and mind, but am able to apply the tenets of integrity, perseverance and self-control in every day living.   As a busy Mom, working and raising an energetic young son (who is also a student of Grand Master Im), I recommend other families to enroll at this Taekwondo school, so you too can reap the benefits of Grand Master Im’s classes."

Emma S.

We have two sons who attend Y. J. Im Tae Kwon Do Academy.  As parents, we often discuss what types of activities to enroll the boys:  one that will keep them engaged physically and mentally and the one that we agreed upon was Tae Kwon Do.   We had looked at a few other existing facilities and talked to friends with children enrolled in different martial arts programs.  We ‘discovered’ this academy late January and felt this would be a good place for our boys to learn Tae Kwon Do.  We finally decided to enroll our two older boys in March, after they had finished their basketball season.


The boys were a bit overwhelmed at first.  During the second week, they got ‘comfortable’ with the sessions and were having a lot of fun in the process.  By the end of the first month, the boys had become Tae Kwon Do fans.  Every day, they look forward to attending Tae Kwon Do practice and learning new techniques as well as reviewing learned materials and forms.  In addition to learning new materials, they also enjoy interacting and being in a classroom setting where age is not a factor.   They truly enjoy being in a classroom setting with students of all ages, young and older alike, who share one thing in common, which is a desire for learning Tae Kwon Do.


Since starting here at Y. J. Im Tae Kwon Do Academy, taught by Grand Master Im, we have noticed several positive changes in our boys.  One of the notable changes in our boys is that they have both developed greater patience as they learn forms and techniques from Grand Master Im.  They understand that, if they cannot remember the form or the move after the lesson, they must be patient to see the moves and forms again and take advantage of that opportunity.


Another notable change in our boys is greater focus and attention to the task at hand.  As they practice, the body doesn’t always do what they envision it doing.  They have learned that the details matter.  Where does the punch land?  How high is the kick?  What direction do I turn? How is my belt tied?  Am I sitting up or standing properly?  Gratefully, this new found attention to detail has boosted self-confidence and courage that has translated to self-starting tasks at home and elsewhere that neither would try without help.  They realize that if they fail the first or even the second time, they must not give up and try again and that practice really does make perfect or near perfect.


As parents of three little boys, and like many of the parents and grandparents here today, we do our best to keep our boys occupied in ways that will help with their development, whether it be physically, socially, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  Here at Y. J. Im Tae Kwon Do Academy, we have noticed the positive changes in our boys in many of those areas.  Our boys are still too young to understand the depth of the physical and mental lessons learned.  However, as parents, we know that all the daily lessons learned and the emphasis on ‘focusing’ and most importantly, the emphasis on “courtesy, integrity, humbleness, respect, control, spirit, courage, and belief” are lifelong lessons that will be with them into adulthood.


Thank you Grand Master Im for your dedication, encouragement and expertise in helping our boys develop in areas they are lacking as well as encouraging their abilities. 




Marian & Ed S.

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Byron Sneed. I'm the grandfather of Terrance Price better knwon as TJ. I'm quite sure you have heard the Master and Claire yell his name many of times.


My daughter and I were in search of a Tae Kwon Do school for TJ, so that he could learn some discipline and be able to defend himself. I looked at a couple of schools but I was not impressed with what I saw and I'v never been in a Tae Kwon Do school before, but when I walked in here at Master Im's school, it just felt right. Especially with the first month free. Mrs. Im and Master Im were very professional in explaining their program.


Once I read all of Master Im's credentials, I knew I was in the right place. One day my wife and I were here at practice and Master made his own son face the wall because he wasn't focusing. Then I knew we were at the right school.


Master Im teaches the kids something new every day and has them do drills that will make them better in Tae Kwon Do without the kids even thinking about why they are doing it. They just think its fun.


Its only been several months, but I have seen much improvement in TJ.


In closing I would just like to say thank you to the Im family for their professionalism, knowledge and diligence in teaching the children.